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Hart advocaten N.V. is controller in the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter: "GDPR"), for alle personal data which she receives from clients regarding her services. Hart advocaten N.V. collects and processes the personal data only in terms of her services and in order to comply with regulatory obligations, unless otherwise specified. Client will make sure not to provide any personal data which can lead to Hart advocaten N.V. violating the GDPR or any other regulation in terms of the protection of personal data. Client will immediately inform Hart advocaten N.V. if the provided personal data is no longer accurate and therefore needs to be erased or rectified. Client will inform the data subject about the provision of personal data to Hart advocaten N.V., in so far as requited by and in accordance with the GDPR and other regulation in terms of the protection of personal data. If there is a breach in relation to personal data, which has to be reported by Hart advocaten N.V. under the obligation of article 34 GDPR, client will inform the concerned data subject(s) without any delay and in accordance with reasonable instructions provided by Hart advocaten N.V.

Client indemnifies and compensates Hart advocaten N.V. for all possible claims on damages and penalties from supervisors in relation to the breach of contract in one or more obligations under this article, the GDPR and/or any other regulation in terms of protection of personal data.