Hart Academy

Hart Academy is the in-house training institute of the law firm Hart advocaten.

Hart Academy organises courses and workshops for attorneys, lawyers, compliance officers and financial professionals with an academic background. These courses and workshops can take place both on-site and at external locations. All courses are customised.

Hart Academy is recognised by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (the Dutch Bar Association).

  • In-house workshops

    Hart Academy offers various courses and training. These include legally prescribed courses (e.g. Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft) training for employees or Continuing Education under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft)).

    Most courses consist of a small series of meetings aimed at providing employees with insight and practical tools on a particular topic or specific type of service.

    Short presentations are also possible. Every presentation is carefully prepared, in which it is important that employees are able to make a concrete representation of what is important for the practice and how to act in practice.

  • PE-sessions

    Presentations are given - whether or not as part of a Continuing Education session - for boards of directors and supervisory boards (and for senior management) that explain and discuss specific topics.

    The subject is determined and prepared after the proper prior consultation.

  • Training

    We provide various training sessions for employees who want to work more efficiently and more carefully. Gaining insight (which is more than just transferring knowledge) and practising the necessary skills are paramount.

    Some examples:

    1. Training employees to be able to carry out aftercare interviews and how to carefully record the outcome.

    2. Training advisors on how to write and substantiate appropriate advice to customers.

    3. Training advisors on the best way to gather and then record relevant customer information (know-your-client principle).
  • Further information

    Would you like more information or a customised training? Email us at marieke.heltzel@hartadvocaten.nl or call the secretary at 020 20 50 720.

    Hart Academy would be happy to draft a customised training or workshop proposal for you.